Dear Neighbor...

Got something to rant about your neighbour?

Get it posted here and maybe one day they'll see it. (:

Please start your submissions with a "Dear Neighbor"!


While we do want you guys to spam us with things you want to tell your neighbor, please keep in mind that your submission has to be:

  • Appropriate (there’s some flexibility on this, just don’t be stupid)
  • Begin with “Dear Neighbor”
    The term Neighbor can technically be anyone, since it doesn’t always have to be the person living on your street. We just prefer to have our posts follow a certain theme.
  • Be less than 120 characters
  • We like personal, but please don’t get TOO personal
  • Non-offensive
  • If you are Canadian, you ARE entitled to spell “Neighbour” with a “u” :)

Please note that if a similar submission has been made in the past, it will not be reposted, so keep your own submissions original!
Otherwise, feel free to write something witty or cute!

Want to take part in Dear Neighbor?
Write your own little “Dear Neighbor” on a Post-It, stick it on your neighbor’s door, take a photo and send it in for us to post!

Thank you for reading all this!